Monday, February 20, 2012

livin the dream :)


So December is always a very special month to me because some of my VERY BEST FRIENDS on the whole earth have a birthday this month :) So, I am always grateful to this month for bringing me them. (IN ORDER OF BIRTH)

John Arthur Roesler
Casey James Grace
Zachary David Knowles
Gina Rae Apsey

I love them all very, very much and wish them to have the best 22 year of their lives <3

In December, I was grateful for:
-the season of giving
-the excitement of a new year
-the excitement of getting my own classroom
-starting my resolutions :)

But mostly, in December, I was grateful to lived another year of my life with the people that I absolutely adore. I am so blessed to have the very best of friends, an amazing family, and a job that allows me to do something I love. I won't be doing this whole being grateful on a monthly basis thing next year, which probably means that I would have time to do so, but that doesn't matter. I was grateful for 2011 and all the changes it brought my way. I had a nephew and a niece be born, made new friends, got new babies, and grew with my family in ways I never thought I would. The new year is going to bring so much to my life and I can't wait to see what the world has in store for me.

:) Christmas